First Superhero party was held in St. Petersburg in honor of BUTMAN's birthday on October 1st, 2022

First Superhero party was held in St. Petersburg in honor of BUTMAN’s birthday on October 1st, 2022.
Biotropika Beer Mile is a 1.6 km race. It consists of 4 laps of 400 m. Before each lap the participants drink a can or bottle of beer usually 355 ml. All adults who wish to participate in the competition, regardless of the level of training. To do this it is enough to love running and beer.
“Biotropika Kvas Mile” is a race for little superheroes, the rules are similar, but the distance is reduced to 2 300m laps.
To freshen up after a run or a hot dance, everyone could use the showers.

To freshen up after a run or a hot dance, everyone could use the showers.


Competition rules:

1. In transit zone runner drinks a can of beer, runs 400m, then drinks a second can, runs 400m again, drinks a third can, runs a third 400m, drinks the last, fourth can and tries to run the finishing 400m.

2. Beer must be drunk before the start of the circle in the transit zone, which is a corridor with a length of 10 m.

3.  On Biotropika Beer Mile, women also drink four cans of beer in four rounds.

4. Runners are not allowed to use their own cans or bottles which may give an advantage.

5. Beer cans must not be pierced.

6. The use of straws or other aids for faster drinking is not allowed.

7. The strength of beer must be at least 5%. The use of beer drinks, cocktails and cider is not allowed.

8. Beer cannot be opened outside the transit area. This rule applies to every round.

9. If runner has not coped with vomiting will run one “penalty” loop immediately after 4 loop.

10.  For the record holders: the competitor running the Biotropika Beer Mile for the official record must turn over each can to prove that it is empty.

Lewis Kent is Beer mile world record holder. He has published Champion’s Guide to Running the Beer Mile.
Before the start Lewis always wears gloves with rubberized fingers and palm. This is necessary to quickly unscrew the caps. It can be difficult to open with a sweaty hand.

Loop 1

The first can of beer is easy, as is the first lap. Lewis runs the first lap almost as hard as he can, but slows down a little shortly before the transit zone.

Loop 2

The second beer is much harder to drink because you are out of breath in the first 400m. At this point, Lewis advises burping because the release of gas makes the next lap much more comfortable.

He also recommends slowing down at the end of the second lap to catch your breath and in the transit zone do not immediately rush to drink, but first restore your breath.

Loop 3

The third beer is the hardest to drink. Lewis empties a can in short sips and continues to run at a steady pace even if the rivals have pulled ahead.

Loop 4

After drinking the fourth beer at the finish lap Lewis accelerates gradually every 100 meters. Sprinting too early can lead to vomiting resulting in a penalty loop.