Rules - Biotropika Ultra Trail



Conditions for passing the lap
– The length of the circle is 6706 meters.
- Start of a new circle - every hour.
- Participants must be in the starting corridor at the beginning of each hour.
- If the participant did not have time to start a new circle (for any reason) - he leaves.
- After the participant has finished the lap, he can rest until the start of the next lap.
- The participant cannot leave the lap route (except for visiting the toilet).
- All participants start at the same time.
Who is considered the winner of the race?
- The winner is the last and only participant who went to the circle and finished it. There can only be one winner.
- If there are more than 1 participant left in the competition and no one goes to the next round, there are no winners.
- The race is considered completed in two cases: when the last and only participant finished the last lap, or if no one left to start a new lap.
Bans on the course
- The presence of strangers on the route, including already retired participants, is not allowed.
- During the passage of the entire circle, any third-party assistance is prohibited. The support team can only be positioned and assisted in the start/finish area.
– The use of aids (including trekking poles) and any means of transportation is not allowed.
Additional requirements
- Slower participants should give the opportunity to overtake them.
- During the period from 21:00 to 05:00, a headlamp must be used on the route.
- If a person went to the circle but did not meet the hour, this circle does not count
Dispute resolution
- In all disputable situations, athletes and organizers are guided by the rules for athletics.
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